The Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association®

WSMBA® is a motorcycling association for Masons in love with two wheels, who combine that same passion with active support and the creation of charitable and solidarity activities, for Masonic and non-Masonic causes, always having three fundamental pillars:

I. Maintain the interest of I∴I’s in obedience through aggregating activities in sharing the Light and principles of Freemasonry;

II. Support the R∴L∴ in its entirety, from visits and identification of honourable men across the country, to strengthen their columns;

III. Practicing assistance to all motorcyclists, participating in various charitable actions, further dignifying the purpose of Freemasonry with a strong awareness-raising action for new candidates, through our example and pride in being a Freemason, in order to ensure a healthy continuity of N.A.O∴

Support causes of
solidarity and beneficence

-We are part of society and therefore, there are countless actions where our brand is present, from supporting emergency medical services, donating toys to hospitals and health centres, Easter offers and various Christmas events, in the sense to obviously and always support society;

-Whether on recreational or thematic tours, we always add more value to local charities, be they motorcycle clubs or others duly identified and of recognised and proven action;

-We help all motorcyclists in a hospitable way and we intend to raise awareness and clarify new candidates, especially in the world of motorcyclists, obviously supporting family and friends along the way along this path, which we call life;

Support other Motorcycle Clubs from
Real Art and society in general

As mentioned above, we are inclusive of citizens and families who can support us and, if they demonstrate worthy values ​​over time, they will be encouraged to join our Fraternity.

We actively recruit men of honour, values, Free and Good Customs, who will considerably increase our columns, in favor of the universal good.

We are looking for good men who want to be even better!

For our efficiency and pride in being Freemasons…

We do not walk in hiding and proudly display our symbols, examples and actions, thus demonstrating to those already initiated in all their Gr∴, that there is more to Freemasonry than they imagined, as well as clarifying by our attitude, that Freemasonry is much more than around it is said, in gossip tabloids.

In the Chapter we also have space for other Gr∴ as long as you are initiated and are a regular Freemason, family member, friend or just a sympathiser.

We want to promote the world of motorcyclists in Freemasonry and the same, in all motorcyclists!

If you are looking to give a greater meaning to your journey along the road of life, with a spirit of benevolence and high moral values, we have a special place for you.


Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association®