We are proudly regular Masons, free men of good morals, who intend to constitute the WS Chapter in Gibraltar, of the prestigious universal WSMBA®.

We enjoy riding a motorcycle in strict compliance with the Recognition Rules, State Laws and the Highway Code wherever we are! We belong to the largest and oldest fraternal organisation in the world. We do not engage in politics or the business of other clubs or associations and we respect all religions, beliefs and philosophies of life, as long as they respect the sovereign laws, freedom and universal rights of men.

We are the same as everyone else; as men, fathers, brothers, uncles, godparents and friends but above all, in love with the world of two wheels, good customs and tradition, always available for a good cause!

We belong to one of the oldest initiatory orders in the world, whose principles and values ​​are immutable, respecting the Laws of the State, always defending freedom in open opposition to tyranny in any form of dictatorship, we promote clarification against ignorance, we defend democracy and fraternity, we admire in all its splendor the work of the creator, we defend the equality of rights, as well as we promote the obligations and freedom of the other, always respecting the laws and free opinions, religious beliefs and/or political ideals.

We cultivate love among men, for the country and the authority constituted in defense of freedom, as well as the right to work, always promoting freedom of thought and human rights, confident that every good man, with honourable values ​​and criteria, can always come to be better and leave its mark on the history of mankind.

We like to smell nature, be part of the landscape, catch the wind in our face, cross roads without hurry or destination, with the simple purpose of enjoying… The happiness of riding in freedom! We are standing and in order, to bring the light to everyone who needs our support!

We have a strong commitment to the truth, we share knowledge of honestly and sincerely, through the affirmation of our actions and examples, hoping to make progress and leave our mark on the road of life, especially on others!

Wherever possible, we will support a charity!

The Windows Sons Masonic Bikers Association®, represents the Light of Freemasonry, through the thousands of Masons who use two wheels, clarifying (above all) the values ​​of our existence, exalting virtue and beneficence, for causes of solidarity, increasing the Masonic conscience, with its action recognised in several countries of the world.

At this moment, the Windows Sons Masonic Bikers Association® (with the exception of some countries), is represented in almost the entire globe and in Europe, even in Gibraltar, there is already a chapter duly recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England (via Grand Lodge District), for which it is of the greatest importance and interest, that Gibraltar can also constitute “its”, as quickly as possible, being able to provide assistance to foreign brothers visiting Gibraltar and obviously, those who belong to our Order as Freemasons, in all the fullness and exhaustion of relations, aimed at national and international events and support for others.