WS is an international association born in 1998 in the USA – Illinois.

The Widows Sons Masonic
Bikers Association®

WSMBA® arrived in Great Britain in 2004 in the Nottinghamshire area.

Since then the WSMBA® has grown in strength, beauty and harmony, not just in the UK but wherever Freemasonry exists, extolling the virtues of its members and their strict adherence to the fulfillment of constitutions, carrying with it the light of immutable values . There are Chapters all over the world.

Today, the WSMBA® has 29 groups active in the UK/Ireland and continues to grow, duly supported, recognised and praised by the United Grand Lodge of England, as a force for good, always upholding our principles and values.

In 16 years, the UK WSMBA® (including Wales / Scotland / Ireland) has achieved unrivaled status, duly recognised by the entire Order and society at large, with a strong cooperative spirit, creating gatherings and events between all Chapters, organising several fundraisers for the most diverse purposes.

Among many other events here impossible to enumerate, in the sense of obviously supporting society but also helping to dynamize and clarify Masonic consciousness, we highlight only the most humble:

– The donation of toys to hospitals and health centers;

– Easter offers;

– Various Christmas events;

It is important, however, not to neglect all the metals collected in favor of causes. larger globally, which in principle we do not advertise here, but from fire engines, helicopters, pediatric hospitals, emergency medical vehicles, among many other actions to support society.

The Windows Sons Masonic Bikers Association®, is a worldwide organisation in order to enjoy the passion of two wheels on recreational rides or themes, always bringing more value to local institutions of charity, whether motorcycle clubs or others duly identified and recognised and proven action. 

We hospitably help all motorcyclists and we intend to sensitize and clarify new candidates, especially in the world motorcyclist, obviously supporting family and friends, throughout the route along this path…