Aren't you M∴M∴ or even a Mason?

We have “such a special corner” for you!

– If you would like to be a Mason, or if you have already been initiated and are not M∴M∴ yet;

– If you ride a motorcycle (even hanging) and you are not a Mason, contrary to what you might imagine, we are inclusive and we have a “Corner” in our Chapter for you;

– If you would like to participate in our activities and find out more about who we are, we invite you, from now on, to actively participate in our tours and solidarity events, in order to discover more about Mansonary and the happiness of being part of this huge family !

The “Corners” are a reference in all Masonic allegories!

Within our Chapter, the Corners are the official social support group of the WSMBA® and we are receptive to all riders, family, friends, regardless of gender or age.

We have several tours and initiatives where you can participate…!